Glmnet - Revision History

11 March 2015

Fixed a bug in cvmultnet.m to allow general (numeric) class labels, pointed out by Fangzhou Xiao from Washington University in St. Louis.

09 May 2014

Removed dependency on the Statistics Toolbox, pointed out and suggested by John Perry from MIT.

28 Apr 2014

Fixed a bug for getting the input names in glmnet.m, pointed out by Oliver Schoppe from the University of Oxford.

24 Apr 2014

Fixed a bug in cvglmnet.m for multiresponse Gaussian model, pointed out by Sharath Chandra Guntuku.

31 Mar 2014

Fixed a bug under misclassification error case in cvmultnet.m, pointed out by Sungeun Kim from Indiana University.

10 Mar 2014

Fixed bugs in the use of offset (size info), pointed out by Petros Dellaportas from Athens University of Economics and Business, Pat Lawlor from Northwestern University, and Baxter P. Rogers from Vanderbilt University.

19 Feb 2014

Fixed bugs for the binomial case cvlognet.m, pointed by Li Ang Zhang from the University of Pittsburgh.

29 Dec 2013

Fixed a bug in the return value of CVerr.fit_preval, pointed out by Leon Peshkin from Harvard University.

30 Aug 2013

A major update of glmnet - added in more options and supported more models (multi-response Gaussian, Cox and Poisson models).

27 Sep 2010

Fixed a bug of undefined “df” in multinomial fitting, pointed by Jeff Howbert from Insilicos.

25 Jul 2010

Check for input matrix format and size.

25 Mar 2010

Fixed a bug when p > n in multinomial fitting, pointed out by Gerald Quon from University of Toronto.

09 Mar 2010

Fixed a bug of printing “ka = 2”, pointed out by Ramon Casanova from Wake Forest University.

26 Jan 2010

Fixed a bug in the description of y, pointed out by Peter Rijnbeek from Erasmus University.

14 Jul 2009

Original version of glmnet.m written.